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Brian Grazer

Co-Chairman of Imagine Entertainment

Brian Grazer Article

Ron's producer of all of his movies. Ron helps him sometimes. He has funny hair. It is always messy. It makes me laugh. Brian seems like a great guy. Haven't met him or Ron unfortunately.

On this page I will try and find articles on movies Brian produces. Quotes, whatever!

Some of my favorite Imagine films that Brian Grazer has produced are;

'Fear' (1996)
'The Chamber' (1997)
'Liar Liar' (1997)

There are many others that I enjoy. These are just a few that I really like.

I think the movies he does with Ron are better, but I still watch anything with Brian's name on it.

Most of the movies he has done have Eddie Murphey in them. I think he is OK. I don't really like 'The Nutty Professor', and 'The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps'. What were these guys thinking? I wish I knew! They are a bit crass for me. Too many breaking wind jokes. That stuff isn't funny.

The movie 'Life', doesn't really inspire me either.

But I still watch his movies.
New updates
Brian has produced a new movie following his success with Ron Howard and 'A Beautiful Mind'. 
'Blue Crush' is written and directed by John Stockwell. Talented director of previous box office hits 'Crazy/Beautiful', and 'Cheaters'.
Look out for 'Blue Crush'. Out in cinemas on August 16th. 
Check out the web site at
                          FEEL THE RUSH
Brian is also producing 8 Mile. A film with Brittany Murphy (Girl Interupted, Don't Say A Word, Riding In Cars With Boys) and music artist Eminem.
 - John


Name: Brian Grazer
DOB: 12 July 1951

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