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Ron Howard fan site

Welcome to my fan site!

On this site I'll include everything about my favorite star, including photos, a biography, an annotated list of films, breaking news, and more.

This web site is a MUST for Ron Howard fans, Happy Days fans, or any others who enjoy movies. Open for everyone.

The first time I got interested in Ron Howard, was when I went to see 'Apollo 13'. I remember hearing about 'Happy Days', and how Ron Howard was now a movie director from my Mum.
I didn't really understand the story the first time I saw it, but I really liked the camera moves. How graceful everything was. I think one of the things I like most about Ron Howard is his directing skill. From what I've seen of him on the TV, he also seems like a genuinely friendly guy.

For my 16th birthday, I went to see 'Ransom', with my Mum and Dad. I also enjoyed this.

Then I wanted to see his other movies. I know that 'Apollo 13' was the first Ron Howard video I bought. I started a Ron Howard video collection after that.

Then I found out that Ron had his own production company 'Imagine'. Once I knew this it gave me access to so many more enjoyable films. When I see the names Brian Grazer or Ron Howard, I know that I am going to enjoy the film. Brian Grazer is his partner at 'Imagine Entertainment'. I want to collect all of the 'Imagine' films too.

New information added
Ron Howard to direct a remake of 'The Alamo'?
Ron Howard and Brian Grazer and the Playboy movie deal.
(See news and gossip page for both)
Check out the Brian Grazer page for information on 'Blue Crush'. Brian's latest producer effort after his success of 'A Beautiful Mind'.
Brian is also producing 8 Mile. A film with Brittany Murphy (Girl Interupted, Don't Say A Word, Riding In Cars With Boys) and music artist Eminem.
'A Beautiful Mind' is now available on video and DVD.
Read Ron Howard's oscar acceptance speach below
Thank you. Golden boy? Well, I am not a good enough actor anymore to be able to stand up here and make you believe that I haven't imagined this moment in my mind over the years and played it out about a thousand times. So here goes. It's pretty simple, really. I'm grateful. I'm very grateful for this. I'm grateful for an entire lifetime spent involved in this creative process that we do.

I'm grateful that I was raised by an extraordinary man, my father Rance Howard, and my late mother Jean Howard. I also want to mention that before my mom passed away, about eighteen months ago, she predicted that this was going to happen for me on this film. Well, she also made that prediction on every movie that I've directed since 1983. So, now you know a little something about my mom. Thank you, Mom. Then there are the loves of my life. My incredible wife Cheryl. Yeah, she's something. Kids at home, Bryce, Jocelyn, Paige and Reed. Thank you for all the most important reasons.

I've got a great friend and a partner, Brian Grazer. Brian, thanks for helping me realize so many of my dreams in this business, including getting to direct A BEAUTIFUL MIND, which Brian produced so passionately and Akiva Goldsman wrote so brilliantly. You know, everyone from the decision makers at Universal and DreamWorks through to the entire production team, thank you for the incredible effort. It made the difference.

And of course I had a tremendous cast. This is an acting movie. And including Jennifer Connelly. And Russell. Russell Crowe. This would not be happening tonight without your creative courage and your total commitment. It has been a great journey. And I thank you.

And finally, they're here somewhere, I don't know where, but thank you to John and Alicia Nash for sharing your important story with us. I'm very, very proud to know you and may you have many years of peace ahead of you. Academy, thank you so much.

End of Ron Howard's speech.
- John.
Directors Guild Award 2002
Ron won the award previously for 'Apollo 13' in 1995
Ron Howard Oscar winner 2002
Best Picture for 'A Beautiful Mind' and Best Director

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