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A Beautiful Mind (2001)
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A Beautiful Mind



  • Ron Howard has won Best Director for A Beautiful Mind.
  • 'A Beautiful Mind' also won Best Picture.
I think it is about time. I am so happy for Ron and everyone involved with making 'A Beautiful Mind'.
I saw the movie recently. Here is my review of it.
Hey everyone!

I saw 'A Beautiful Mind'. The new Ron Howard movie. I've
got to say that that is one interesting movie! I think I really got
inside John Nash's head. To the point where, I didn't know, (and hopefully the rest of the audience didn't know) what was real and what was imagined.

I think the whole movie made sense. Maybe you are meant to feel confused by it with the script. I'm really not sure. Whatever it was it worked. I think I will need to see this movie again to purhaps understand it a bit more. But my Mum wants it see it before I see it again, just to see if she can explain anything I might not have understood. 

My Mum and Dad were going to come and see the movie with me because it sounded interesting. But they got other plans moments before we were meant to see the movie. They could have still seen the movie but it would have been 45 minutes into it. So it would be best if they saw it properly from start to finish.

So I went with my twin brother Stephen instead.

It is based on a true story. Haven't seen many true stories. I just think this movie dissappointed me because I didn't fully understand it. I'm usually pretty good with movies.

I think Ron Howard and Russell Crowe did a brilliant job on this movie. You really can't fault any of the acting or directing. Ron's best work. Russell's best work.

It was a fantastic movie. It will just take a bit of time for me to get my head around it I think. I don't mind seeing the movie again.
Very happy to.

It was just different. But different can be good. I also think it deserves any Oscars or awards it gets. 

So overall I was quite happy with it.
The official website is

Since writting this review, I have bought the book, and the CD. Both are really great!
I got it to understand the movie more. It made sense. It is a challenging film.
I remember Ron saying in an interview once how he would like to challenge his audience more. I think he has succeeded!
Go out and see it everyone!
I also read that they filmed the movie from start to finish in proper movie sequence. Russell Crowe suggested it, and Ron thought it was a good idea. Not many films are filmed in order.

I know 'Philadelphia' was filmed in order. But not many others. 
Here is a web site full of oscar ads. 
'A Beautiful Mind' is here.  
There are some wonderful pictures.

Article on the real John Nash

Trivia about A Beautiful Mind:
  • The Pentagon office scene was filmed in the basement of Keating Hall on Fordham University's Bronx campus. (The same room was used in the filming of the Georgetown University language lab scene in Exorcist, The (1974).)
  • The movie was shot in chronological order - a rare occurrence in film making.
  • Robert Redford was considered to be the director of "A Beautiful Mind"
  • Tom Cruise was considered to play character John Forbes Nash Jr., but he was unavailable because he was filming "Vanilla Sky", so Russell Crowe took the part
  • When Nash first sees Parcher, he refers to him as "Big Brother," a reference to a character in the book "1984", written in 1948 by George Orwell. Later, we see that the room number of Nash's office is 101. In "1984," "Room 101" is the room where political prisoners are tortured by being confronted with their greatest fear.
  • The character Marcee holds a book by Dr. Seuss in her hands at one point. Ron Howard also directed How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) , a book by Dr. Seuss.
  • In the scene on the veranda with Richard Sol, Nash is kidding about an imaginary person called "Harvey". This is a reference to Harvey (1950).

At the 2001 Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Ron Howard's 'A Beautiful Mind tied with Australian director Baz Luhrmann's 'Moulin Rouge' as best director.
Russel Crowe got Best Actor.
Best Picture went to 'A Beautiful Mind'.
Best Supporting Actress was Jenniffer Connelly 'A Beautiful Mind'.

Entertainment Weekly article

A beautiful night for 'A Beautiful Mind'

Three aussie Oscars, but no top acting awards